Fire trucks

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The Austrian company STIRG METALLBE VERARBEITUNG GMBH UND has successfully implemented its commitments in the project to create a new fire truck . This is just one such vehicle to be delivered in the future.


Preparation, basic and finishing painting work compliant with qualitative and ecological regulations and requirements of wet industrial painting.

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Our certificates

Naš proizvodni proces i tehnologija koju primenjujemo su u skladu sa najzahtevnijim svetskim standardima. Posedujemo i primenjujemo ISO 9001:2008; EN ISO – 3834-2 ; DIN EN 15085 – 2 ; EN 1090-2; DIN 6701-2 Klasse A1. Vrhunski kvalitet naših proizvoda i usluga je upravo rezultat striktne primene ovih standarda.