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Experience is our power

10 years on the market

STIRG METALL DOO is a branch of an Austrian based company, STIRG METALLBE-UND VERARBEITUNG GMBH whose business activities include development, production and sale of metal parts. We posess modern, up-to-date technology, expert team and technical equipment capable of meeting all requirements of our clients regarding laser cutting, bending, machine processing, welding and assembling of various types of metal. A special part of our business activity is the production of parts for light rail vehicles.

Quality and reliability of our products and services always come first. They have to completely meet our clients needs, requirements and expectations. Therefore we make complying withISO 9001:2008 standard as well as other rules and technical regulations our top priority. We strive to improve our partnership with our suppliers in order to ensure high-quality and continuous supply of raw material. Along with that, our primary goal is to futher improve the quality of our products and services in accordance with the established standards and regulations. We will accomplish that by increasing our efficiency and effectiveness as well as through better internal organization.