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What we have?

We boast the production area of 2000 sqm. We are equipped with the state of the art metal processing machines. Our workers are capable of turning any metal raw material into the high quality product manufactured in accordance with client’s wishes and desires.

Our pride

Everything from the house!



Power 4 KW. “Bystronic” (Austria) –worktable dimensions: 4 x 2 m. “Prima Power” (Serbia) worktable dimensions:
3 x 1,5 m.

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Working width: 1000 mm. scrubbing and sweeping the material up to 30 mm.

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“SAFAN” (Austria) working length 4 m, bending force up to 200 T.

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Milling cutter

“BRIDGE PORT” (Austria) working surface: 1100 x 600 x 600 mm. “MORI SEIKI” working surface:
1200 x 700 x 700 mm.

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“EMCO” - 4axis CNC lathe x, y, z: working part diameter: 500 mm.

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CNC metal cutting saws: semi-automatic and automatic saw for cutting working parts up to 300 mm. in diameter, capable of cutting angles.

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Profile bending

“TOMAN” - CNC machine for bending all kinds of profiles. Bending path is being programmed by the computer.

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Small, manual sandblasting of components up to 500 mm. Dimensions of the sandblasting box: 2,5x 2,5x2,5 m.

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Preparation, basic and finishing painting work compliant with qualitative and ecological regulations and requirements of wet industrial painting. Painting box dimensions: 4x8x2,5 m: 4x8x2,5 m.

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TIG, MIG and MAG welding with “KEMPPI” and “FRONIUS” welding machinesin accordance with EN ISO 3834-2, DIN EN ISO 15085-2 and EN 1090-2 standards.

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We are using various pneumatic and electric riveting tools.

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Metal bonding

Bonding is being performed according to the requirements of DIN 6701-2 Klasse A1 standard. We are capable of bonding all kinds of metal.

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